GPS Retransmission Systems for long tunnels (08|2012)

GNNS Retransmission System

The problem getting lost of the gps signal is growing, as a lot of mobile machines (cars, trucks, construction machines etc.) and persons are tracked by GPS.

As a new solution AuCon and its partner GPS Source has created a possibility of getting a Live GPS Signal also inside a long tunnel, where the transmission by coaxialcable would cost a lot and cause a time delay which most applications would not accept, so they would not work properly. The new system bases on a new GNSS retranssmission with automatic power regulator and an special fibre optic part for transmitting long distances without time delay

More informations: GNNS Retransmission System PDF

The way is clear for GLONASS (12|2011)

Russland Heute

RUSSLAND HEUTE (Supplement of the russian daily newspaper "Rossijskaja Gaseta" - only german) PDF

After nearly 30 years development the russian competitor to GPS is ready for use since the end of October 2011. The iPhone 4 even located the satellites of Glonass, Samsung and Nokia will follow soon.

Certified partner of the German armed forces (04|2011)

IT-Amt Bw-Wappern

The IT-AmtBw gives us the basic permission for the mounting of GPS repeaters in real state of the Bundeswehr.

As the only certified partner we help you with the installation of the components, create a test report based on ETSI-Norm EN 302 645 and support you with the formalities. In case of expansion of former GPS systems with single components we let you know about the actual procedure.

Certification (only in german)PDF

GPS or GNSS supported testing methods (02|2011)

Bild Simulator

To illustrate you the advantages from INDOOR tests we have compared these testing methods. With a GNSS system the GNSS signals can be received indoor, wire-bound or wireless. More flexible are the indoor tests with a GNSS simulator. Conditions can be reproduced, so a 100 per cent comparability are possible.

Comparison of testing methodsPDF

GPS simulators at the Electronica in 2010 (11|2010)

Bild Simulator

At the end of 2010 we can offer you GPS simulators for all GNSS tapes. Beside an easy input of coordinates you can also simulate complete recorded scenarios of the past or possible datas of the future.