Zivile Projekte:

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Automotive Industry:

Supply the crash halls on three switchable frequency repeater equipment as part of the eCall (emergency call)

GPS / GNSS services in office buildings

GNSS coverage at trade fairs (for example IAA Frankfurt)



Civil Aviation Industry and Airlines:

GNSS supply of hangars for testing the navigation systems for commercial aircraft

Retrofitting of ADAC helicopters

GNSS coverage in workshops for test purposes


Cable Operators and Mobile Industry:

Planning and realization of GPS / Glonass Indoor coverage in corporate headquarters and testing labs for GPS-enabled gadgets

For time synchronization of servers and for system testing


Electronics Industry:

Indoor GPS signal supply of buildings for development, production, testing laboratories and showrooms for GPS devices


Militärische Projekte:



Design, development and manufacture of GPS antenna for GLADIUS / IdZ (Infanterist der Zukunft) over RDE


Air force:

L1 / L2 GPS repeater systems for Shelter and hangars of the Euro Fighter in Neuburg, Nörvenich and Wittmund - for stand (QRA) and Maintenance