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The range of use for GPS systems is getting more and more versatile. Below you will find a short overview of the relevant fields:


Military and defence

GPS repeater enable wireless signal distribution in buildings. By using special, MIL-certified GPS retransmission systems, land- and aircrafts can also be provided with precise GPS signals. This way, the troops may track their position on the move and receive a valid GPS signal for an exact positioning, directly on deboarding, with no timeloss due to the otherwise needed TTFF (time to first fix).


Civil aviation industry

Wire-bound and/or wireless GPs signal distribution in buildings and aircrafts. The ideal solution for tests and inspections in hangars. The avionics can easily be tested inside a hangar, without complicatedly moving the aircraft outside.


Automotive industry

GPS signal distrubution systems can be used in the vehicle development, for tests (e.g. crash tests) and the final assembly, as well as within factories, for example to locate lorries in distribution centres.


Telecommunications industry

Used during the development, production and inspection/repair of GPS supported devices.


Consumer electronics retail

For the presentation of GPS supported navigation and positioning systems in showrooms.


Security – fire service and police forces

Enables the immediate and stable signal activation of GPS supported navigation, positioning and communication systems in garages and thus avoids time loss on GPS start-up.


Train stations and airports

For the localisation of trains in trainstations as well as airplanes at airports.