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GPS splitters are used in wireless or over wire networks to split and supply RF signal to multiple repeaters, users or terminals (GPS receiver). The choice can be made between modular or rack-mount build form splitters (see “Types of Housing” on the right side). Modular splitters are available with 2, 4 or 8 outputs, rack-mount splitters up to 32 outputs. Splitter can be passive (with up to 4 outputs) or active components (all splitters).

MS 24 GPS / GNSS Splitter 2 to 4
S12 GPS / GNSS Splitter standard
S12T GPS / GNSS Splitter micro
S14 GPS / GNSS Splitter standard
S14WI GPS / GNSS Splitter waterproof
MS14 GPS / GNSS Splitter MIL compliant 
S18 GPS / GNSS Splitter standard
RMS18 GPS / GNSS Rack Mount Splitter
RMS116 GPS / GNSS Rack Mount Splitter
RMS216 GPS / GNSS Rack Mount Splitter
RMS132 GPS / GNSS Rack Mount Splitter
RMS232 GPS / GNSS Rack Mount Splitter
AS 41-2P GPS / GNSS Splitter passive
AS 41-4P GPS Splitter passive
C 21 GPS / GNSS Combiner