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GPS Repeaters

GPS repeaters are applied to bring a GNSS signal coverage indoor. Our repeaters can cover GPS L1 (civil), L2 ( military), L5, L6, Galileo, Glonass, Omnistar, IRNSS and Compass (Beidou). The principle of a GPS repeater is as follows: A satellite signal received from outside of a building by active GNSS antenna, amplified, filtered and transmitted through a coaxial line to a GPS repeater which processes the signals and emits in the interior. It should be noted that the repeated signal provides the position of the receiving antenna.

Please note that the environmental conditions are very important for planning a GNSS repeater system in a building. As this RF system works with a very low power level it´s very important to install the receiving antenna and the sending unit (repeater) in correct positions. Otherwise they could cause interferences or they won´t send any signal at all. Also important is that the receiving antenna is decoupled from the repeating unit. For european countries we only sell repeaters systems which are built on base of the EN ETSI302645 which is the regulation for GNSS repeaters in EU. Besides civil use we offer special systems for military use like the signal coverage in airplanes (A400M) and armoured personnel carrier (BOXER, DINGO, PUMA).