GPS Systems for

Signal distribution

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Hohenlindener Str. 1

81677 München

Automotive Industry

Supply the crash halls on three switchable frequencyrepeater equipment as part of the eCall (emergency call)
Retrofitting of ADAC helicopters
GNSS coverage in workshops for test purposes

Civil Aviation Industry and Airlines

– GNSS supply of hangars for testing the navigation systems for commercial aircraft
– Retrofitting of ADAC helicopters
– GNSS coverage in workshops for test purposes

Cable Operators and Mobile Industry

– Planning and realization of GPS / Glonass Indoor coverage in corporate headquarters and testing labs for GPS-enabled gadgets
– For time synchronization of servers and for system testing

Electronics Industry

– Indoor GPS signal supply of buildings for development, production, testing laboratories and showrooms for GPS devices

Army and Air force

– Design, development and manufacture of GPS antenna for GLADIUS / IdZ (Infanterist der Zukunft) over RDE
– L1 / L2 GPS repeater systems for Shelter and hangars of the Euro Fighter in Neuburg, Nörvenich and Wittmund – for stand (QRA) and Maintenance