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GPS Antennas

GPS antennas are used to receive HF signals from satellite navigation systems available worldwide, such as GPS L1 / L2, GALILEO, GLONASS, etc. The antennas shown below are only a small selection of all available models. We can offer you all antennas in the portfolio of the manufacturers Antcom, GPS Source and Matterwaves.

Some of the data sheets can`t be accessed directly from the homepage. Please contact us directly if you are interested in a specific data sheet or would like advice on the various antenna models.

We can also offer you special models such as submarine antennas or CRPA (anti-jamming) antennas. However, due to legal requirements, requests for this type of antenna must be checked individually and can usually only be ordered after an end user statement has been provided.

The basis of a typical patch antenna is a flat, square, slightly structured small plate (patch), the dimensions of which are in the range of a few centimeters. The reception characteristic of the patch antenna is a circle in the horizontal plane, and appears club-shaped in the vertical plane. Flat or patch antennas are used for objects that reach higher speeds, primarily because of their aerodynamically favorable shape.

Helix antennas are constructed as cylinders with a symmetrical double helix. This helix is in the order of magnitude of a wavelength, with GPS L1 approx. 20 cm.

To determine the suitable antenna for your application or your project, we refer to the information sheet here in the right column under “Antenna configuration”.