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GPS Antennas

GPS antennas are used for the reception of RF signals from the Global Navigation Satellite Systems like GPS, GALILEO, Glonass, Beidou and Omnistar. In general there are two different designs for GNSS antennas: the patch antenna and the helix antenna. We can offer most of our antennas passive (P) and active (A).

These kits are no complete solutions.

U-Boot GPS Antenne (P)
AS/SA-200 GPS Antenna (A)
DS 56 GPS Antenna (A/P)
3GO16 GPS Antenna (A/P)
3G15 GPS Antenna (A/P)
3G1215 GPS Antenna (A/P)
G5Ant GPS Antenna (A/P)
18×2.5H1215R GNSS / L band Directional Antenna (A/P)
Buoy Antenne (A/P)
123GM Choke Ring GPS Antenna (A)
3NF-4.7CG1215 Anti Jamming GPS Antenne (A/P)
2CG-1215A Anti Jamming GPS Array Antenna (A/P)
AU-3C-GSM GPS Antenna (A) GSM-compatible
HL1 / HL1IR Helix antenna (A/P)
3D1216 Helix antenna (A/P)
AS 26 Helix antenna (A)

A lot of our antennas are available as multiband antenna for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Omnistar – please ask us about the frequencies you need.

Patch antenna is a flat, quadratic, structured plat which is only a few centimeters in dimension. The antenna pattern is horizontally a circle and club-shaped in vertical. Patch antennas are made in general for mobile applications where flatness is important because of aerodynamics. Helix antennas are normally integrated in a vertical cylinder with a symmetric double sized coil. The coil has the wave length or a part of wave length of the frequency, e.g. 20 cm for L1.

The choke ring antenna is a special kind of helix or patch antenna which is inside a metal housing with shaped concentric circles. The choke ring antenna is very resistant against reflections and multipath effects.

Please ask us also for the antenna type you are searching for, as we only have a small part of available antennas here on our website. The best choose of course depends on the applications and environment. To find out what antenna you need please also refer to the sheet which you can download here.