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Below you can find a overview of our most important products for receiving and sending GPS signals. GNSS repeaters (also called GNSS retransmission or GNSS reradiation systems) are used to bring a GPS Live signal coverage inside a building or vehicle. GPS signal provides informations about position, time and date.

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) means all available and prospective SatNavSystems. Well-known are GPS (USA), Galileo (EU), Glonass (Russian) and Compass (China)

Product Overview

GNSS Solution Kits*
are complete packages which have been developed by AuCon for special applications. You can find details under

GNSS Antennas
are designed to receive RF signals from the available SatNavSystem (GNSS). Normally there are two kinds of GNNS antennas: the patch antennas and the helix antennas. Further informations under

GNSS Repeaters*
are used to bring a signal coverage inside a building or vehicle. Our repeaters are available for GPS L1 (civile), L2 (military), L5, L6, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou (Compass) and IRNSS. For more details click on

GNSS Amplifiers
are installed to increase the power and quality of weak RF signals. Our GPS amplifiers are available in different options. Read more under

GNSS Attenuators
could reduce and limit the signal power of an incoming GNSS signal. Normally they are will be integreated in the coax supply line. You can find details under

GNSS Splitters
are used to build a GNSS network to provide several devices with one antenna. Available with 2,4,8,16 and 32 Outputs and many housing options. For more information click on

GNSS Filters
be used to filter out unwanted signals or noise. More information under

GNSS Accessoires
for installation and construction for GPS systems you can find under GPS Accessoires. Do you have special demands? Than call us and ask for!

GNSS MIL Systems
are designed for special kinds of GPS based military applications. You can find more informations under GPS MIL Systems.

Coax Cables
for mobile and fixed applications. Our high-quality cables are qualified for all GNSS frequency bands. You can find more details under GPS Coaxial Cables.

* depending on your country law a licence from your federal agency could be required. In Germany you can order the license for GNSS repeaters at the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA). You can find details under