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Our history

AuCon GmbH is working with GNSS technology since 1999 and has developed the first mobile navigation system AC-2002 in cooperation with Navigon. Our focus relies on gnss hardware for signal distribution and software and remote control for gps repeaters. Today AuCon has well known customers all over the world in telecommunication, automotive, avionics, agriculture and production. We believe that superior service and customer specific solutions are as vital as reliable products. That`s why our sales, customer service and technical service teams are here to help you out with all your business and installation needs.To meet the customer`s needs for quality we have invested a lot in measuring and inspection technology over the last years. Just take a look at some informations regarding our equipment on the following sides.Our EMI measuring chamberis especially designed for tests on GNSS systems, e.g. for measuring sensitivity and interference rejection of receivers. Also customer specific test set-up could be realised by AuCon.

The spectrum analysis with GNSS datalogging

With our high tech measuring equipment from Anritsu Aucon is able to do spectrum analysis with interference measurement, power meter, interference hunting to find out locations were GNSS jammers are working. Combined with GPS datalogging we could also provide long term measurements with date, time, position and quality of the measured signal coming in. Building up a stationary GNSS control station we are able to detect gnss jammer e.g. on airports. The analysis could be done over IP.

GNSS signal generator or simulator

is used to create static and dynamic GNSS simulation scenarios and trajectories. Arbitrary positions all over the world could be simulated. GPS Signals could be jammed, spoofed or faked.

Cable- and antenna measurement

z.B. DTF (Distance to Fault), VSWR, Smith-Diagram, 1-port Phase, cable attenuation, return loss, etc.

Cable assembly

We are offering high-quality cable finishing with report for loss and phase!

Antenna development

Together with our partner Antcom we have done several new antenna designs. Besides the technical specification book we are always doing practical tests on the objects.

Adaption of products COTS vs. MOTS

We believe that in most GNSS based applications it is important to find out economically and forward-thinking solutions within a short time. Therefore a lot of applications could work with COTS products but could also be adapted in short (MOTS). Expensive long-term development is not necessary in many cases!

GPS indoor signaling for transport aircrafts

For calculation of trajectories regarding material or parachutists we are offering gps repeaters for installation in an aircraft. In this case the onboard GPS antenna or a second antenna which comes with the repeater-kit could be used.

Mobile GNSS testing systems

for ground tests in military aviation e.g. for Panavia Tornado, Eurofighter etc

Services and more

• Consultation, site design, configuration and diagnostic services
• On-site inspection
• Product and installation/ maintenance trainings
• Licensing for GNSS repeaters in europe
• Program development (Non-Recurring Engineering)
• Extended hour customer service support (international markets)
• Short-Run manufacturing
• Project management services
• GNSS Troubleshooting techniques
• Detailed documentation

Please contact our sales if you have any questions regarding sales and technical services,

Support contracts and warranty extension

Besides our classic support contracts with an inspection after 12 or 24 month AuCon also offers a waranty extension up to 5 years for his GNSS products.

PDF to download (with pictures and schemata)